Digital Transformation from Complexity to Opportunity

We are living through the information revolution and like the industrial revolution before it the way businesses are built and operate is radically being reshaped. Internet technologies are redefining customer relationships forcing them to be more direct, immediate and constant.

Businesses are also being forced to re-define what they do as industries that built themselves around a model of scarcity are being transformed. Internet technologies enable collaboration and duplication at an unprecedented rate. While these changes might seem daunting I see them as an opportunity. An opportunity for business and career growth. I know this as I have spent the past 17 years designing capacity building programs around the world that help individuals and organizations acquire the skills and mindset required to successfully navigate through this change.

The Right Kind of Attitude

Key to seizing this opportunity is having the right kind of attitude. An open adventurous attitude that can handle discomfort. An attitude that welcomes a diversity of opinions and embraces the inclusive and collaborative nature of the Internet. The skills that enable us to collaborate more effectively and hone our strategic approaches to how we apply new technologies to our businesses and career come after. Shifting attitudes is a difficult endeavour but not impossible. My goal has always been to help individuals and organizations navigate digital disruption, to move past the complexity to the opportunity, to be leaders and contribute to a larger global shift of inclusiveness and participation. I’m looking forward to continuing this work in 2016.